M.Ed. Student Profile: Kehaulani Folau

kehaulaniName: Kehaulani Folau

Twitter: @whatnow_quehow

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Undergrad Institution & Major: University of Utah, Bachelor of Science in Ethnic Studies

Graduate Assistantship: International Student and Scholar Services

Favorite Food:Anything my Grandma makes

What do you love about Salt Lake? My family’s here

What are your dreams for your future? Whiteness dismantled

Cool things about Kehaulani:  As a first-generation American citizen, she enjoys learning about the policy and procedures of international students. When time permits, she loves going to the theaters by herself, enjoys a nap that usually turns into 2 hours of extra sleep, and spending time with her family.

Where would you go on a dream vacation if money/time did not enter into your thought process? Aotearoa

What is your favorite place to study/work? Somewhere quiet!


ELP Faculty Profile

Name: Dr. Amy Aldous Bergersonamy-bergerson

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Undergrad Institution & Major: Amherst College BA in Sociology

Graduate Institutions & Degrees: Stanford University, MA Educational Administration and Policy Analysis; University of Utah, PhD Educational Leadership & Policy

What are your research interests? College student success and persistence. I also look at access to college.

What do you wish your students knew about you? Working with students is my favorite part of my job.

What advice do you have for prospective ELP students? Look closely at our program to make sure it’s a match for you and your interests. Meet faculty before applying to know that there is someone here who can support your interests. Look at more than one place so you can make comparisons about what’s important to you.

What advice do you have for current ELP students? Learn to write well. Stay on top of your reading. Be prepared to engage in difficult conversations, and remember that growth only occurs when we are challenged. Find a faculty mentor early on. Respect that faculty have many facets to their work. Work hard, and have fun.

Favorite Food: I love food — it’s impossible to think of one favorite.

What do you love about Salt Lake City? The dry climate, four seasons, mountains, desert, and my family lives here.

What is something unique about you that you would like us to know? I collect wine. I don’t know if that’s unique, though…

Where would you go on a dream vacation if money/time did not enter into your thought process? Palau. For weeks.

Do you have any family, friends, or pets that are important to you here with you in Salt Lake? My whole family is here in SLC — parents, sister, partner, son, and two cats.




PhD Student Profile: Aaron Reynolds

Name: Aaron Reynoldsaaron-reynolds

Current Position: University of Utah Honors College Academic Advisor

Hometown: Aurora, UT

Undergrad Institution & Major: Brigham Young University, Political Science

Graduate Institution & Degree: Columbia University, Higher & Postsecondary Education

Favorite Food: Korean Dak Calbi

Why did you choose the ELP program at the U? I came to Salt Lake initially to be closer to family and for a position at the U. Shortly after coming back to Utah I decided that the ELP program is a good fit for my interests in higher education – I’m happy with my decision because the department is welcoming and has a lot of people doing great work.

What do you love about Salt Lake City? Mountains, cycling trails, sporting events, restaurants

What are your dreams for your future? At times I’m back and forth on this question. If you had asked me this question ten years ago I would have said to become a community college president, but recently my interests have been moving more in the direction of becoming a faculty member.

What is a skill you hope to develop? Strong quantitative skills & ethical leadership.

What is something unique about you that you would like us to know? I grew up in a town of 1,000 people in southern Utah but have also lived in cities of more than 10 million (New York & Seoul). Political conspiracy movies/TV shows are my favorite, i.e. Enemy of the State & House of Cards.

Where would you go on a dream vacation if money/time did not enter into your thought process? Southern England (Cornwall). I would spend time in a small fishing village called Porthleven then go north and spend time in Oxford/London. Taking time to cycle through the English countryside and eat fish & chips.

Do you have any family, friends, or pets that are important to you here with you in Salt Lake? My younger brother & sister also live in the Salt Lake area. I have two nephews (4, 2) who are also a lot of fun.

What is your favorite place to study/work? My office

M.Ed. Student Profile: Devan Church

Name: Devan Church

Twitter: @ChurchDevanBC

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Undergrad Institution & Major: University of Utah, Gender Studies

Favorite Food: Pastrami and Chopped Liver on Rye

Why did you choose the ELP program at the U?: I am very interested in social justice and advocacy in higher education. The ELP program has both theoretical depth and practical concepts built into the curriculum.

What are your dreams for your future? I’d like to work with a Community College or trade education program to bridge the gap between open access institutions and traditional Universities. Ideally, I would be able to work in a place that has strong ties to folk, jazz and blues music – NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Kansas City, New Orleans etc….

What is a skill you hope to develop? Break Dancing, Skateboarding, Rhythmic Flow……… Writing(the eternal struggle)! Better Assessment!!!!

What is something unique about you that you would like us to know? I’ve been playing the guitar for 20 years, and studying jazz and blues for 15 years.

Where would you go on a dream vacation if money/time did not enter into your thought process? I’d love to go to New Orleans, followed by a trip to Eastern Europe to document the Slavic accordion and brass band folk music of the region.

What is your favorite place to study/work? Graduate Student Reading Room FTW!

Educational Leadership & Policy M.Ed. Student Affairs Campus Visit Day

You’re invited!
ELP M.Ed. in Student Affairs Campus Visit Day 2015

We invite prospective students to campus on November 19 from 1 to 7 PM to learn more about the Master’s of Education in Student Affairs.  You will meet faculty, staff, students, and student affairs partners; learn more about courses and internships; and attend a learning experience in the Multiculturalism & Diversity course.

RSVP by Monday, Nov. 16 to Marilynn Howard (Marilynn.howard@utah.edu or 801/581-6714) and please indicate the activities you will be joining.  Also, please let us know of any dietary restrictions you may have.

A sample of the activities for this informative day.

1:00 – 1:45           Welcome – Overview of ELP Department and M.Ed. in Student Affairs

1:45 – 2:55                  Break-out sessions

  • Graduate Assistant Opportunities – meet current GA’s & supervisors
  • Your Current Career & M.Ed. Enrollment – meet students and alumni that engaged in their current higher education position and enrolled in the M.Ed. Degree
  • Meet ELP Faculty
  • Internships – learn more about the internship from students and supervisors

2:55 – 3:30      Refreshment Break to meet ELP Community (students, faculty, staff, alumni, and partners from student affairs)

3:30 – 5:00      Tour of Campus – The University of Utah has a great deal to offer those seeking an engaged graduate experience.  The tour will include the Marriott Library and Student Life Center as well as areas that house the Division of Student Affairs.  Your tour guide is an alumni of the program.

5:00 – 5:35      Further Information on M.Ed. in Student Affairs, Admissions Tips & Questions

5:45 – 7 PM    Course:  Multiculturalism and Diversity – taught by Dr. Maria Ledesma, ELP Assistant Professor

Course Description:  This course is designed to help improve graduate students’ understanding of the major theoretical, research, and practical issues related to multiculturalism and diversity in higher education. The course is helpful to students dealing with policy and/or conducting research that intersects gender, class, race/ethnicity, power, and/or sexuality in higher education. It provides an opportunity for students to become more reflective educational leaders and policymakers by challenging them to critically analyze how higher education influences the experiences of culturally diverse people.
We look forward to sharing the M.Ed. in Student Affairs Degree with you!

Informal Gathering at ASHE 2015

Thinking about your next educational step?  Use opportunities at ASHE, such as this gathering sponsored by the Educational Leadership & Policy Department at the University of Utah, to learn about your options.  Faculty, current students, and alumni will be present to talk about the degree offerings.

As a prospective student attending this event or others, you will learn about educational opportunities, meet people engaged in research, and have fun.  You might talk to faculty about their research or the curriculum for a specific degree program.  Alumni and current students will share their experiences as well as resources that support student success.  Join the University of Utah ELP community on Thursday at 6:30 PM at Hyatt Peaks Lounge to learn more.

ASHE Flyer

Social Justice Leadership in Action

By Andrea Kalvesmaki, ELP Graduate StudentAndrea Kalvesmaki

Last week, I experienced social justice leadership in action. It was raw, it was real, and it provides a lesson for all universities in the face of rising rates of violence and vitriol toward students of color. Invited as visiting speaker for the David A. Clarke School of Law at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), I was presenting on ways in which we can systematically interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline with professor Joseph B. Tulman, director of the Juvenile and Special Education Law Clinic and the Took Crowell Institute for Youth. Prof. Tulman and I were presenting a systems theory analysis regarding how youth and children can end up incarcerated, and how specific law can intervene and provide reinforcing feedback loops that keep young people out of the juvenile criminal system. It was then especially poignant to be interrupted, mid-presentation, to attend a press conference by the President of UDC regarding student Jason Goolsby, who was detained with a high school friend on the streets of DC for upwards of two hours because a woman called 911 to report she ‘felt uncomfortable’ about the boys’ presence outside of a local area bank. The bank in which Jason Goolsby, an exemplary first year scholarship Freshman at UDC, had an account.

As a student of educational leadership and policy, I was intrigued by how UDC addressed this situation, and especially how President Ronald Mason not only defended both boys (one of whom is not a student at UDC) and presented a call to action at the institutional level to ameliorate racial injustice. Dr. Julian Vasquez-Heilig has published my blog post on this event. Please visit Cloaking Inequity at http://cloakinginequity.com/2015/10/16/alleged-police-harassment-udc-president-stands-for-students/


Support the National Week of Action on School Pushout

This week, events are being organized around the country to stop the school-to-prison pipeline. This year’s theme is: “Invest in Public Education, Not Prison Cultivation.” Students in Education, Leadership, and Policy encourage anyone and everyone involved in education in Utah to get informed and get involved. There are two easy ways to become involved in both the national and local discussions of this important topic:

The Week of Action NATIONAL EVENT will be held on October 6th  at 12 pm EDT and will be hosted and live streamed by Dignity in Schools (http://www.dignityinschools.org/our-work/week-of-action) in partnership with the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.

The Week of Action LOCAL EVENT will be held on October 7th from 5:30 to 8:00  pm MDT at the Law and Justice Center at 645 South 200 East, Salt Lake City. This free event is hosted by Salt Lake Peer Court, Racially Just Utah, and the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. Other collaborators include Spy Hop and Planned Parenthood of Utah. See http://saltlakepeercourt.org/schoolpushout/ for more information.

We hope you will join us in raising awareness and taking action to stop school pushout and reverse the school-to-prison pipeline!

M.Ed Student Profile: Kelly Brown

Name: Kelly BrownKelly Brown

Twitter: @fraubrownslc

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Undergrad Institution & Major: University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, German & International Studies

Favorite Food: Ribeye steak

Why did you choose the ELP program at the U?: I researched many programs and kept coming back to the M Ed in Student Affairs. I’m an academic advisor at the U of U so it’s convenient plus I get 1/2 off of tuition.

What do you love about Salt Lake? Mountains, quick access to desert, safe community, neighborhoods, public transportation, Ballet West, the Episcopal community,

What are your dreams for your future? Career wise, I would like to be able to focus my work specifically with or related to students and to see more diversity in both students, faculty and staff at the University of Utah. On the personal side, I wish for my children thrive and become independent, strong, educated women and, I dream of a remodeled kitchen.

What is a skill you hope to develop? I hope to be able to effectively communicate with people about social justice issues and to be able to quickly build an argument that is based on evidence.

What is something unique about you that you would like us to know? I am a shareholder of the Green Bay Packers football team.

Where would you go on a dream vacation if money/time did not enter into your thought process? I would visit all the UNESCO World Heritage sites and national parks all over the world.

Do you have any family, friends, or pets that are important to you here with you in Salt Lake? Married to Scott with 2 daughters Elizabeth (13) and Valerie (10) and 2 cats. We’ve been very fortunate to form a non-biological family here. A wonderful group of people we can call on at anytime.

What is your favorite place to study/work? Union computer lab on Friday night

Success as a Graduate Student at The University of Utah – Initial Resources

By Dr. Sharon A. Aiken-Wisniewski

Are you a new graduate student at The University of Utah?  Welcome to our campus!  I remember my first days of my graduate program. Some of the best advice I received was to connect with people from across the campus to build my network and utilize resources that support my goals.  Based on these tips, I found that this institution has a vibrant community that is eager to support graduate student success. Now that you are settled into your classes, let me share some additional tips that will contribute to accomplishing your goals.

The University of Utah has a number of libraries located throughout the campus. It is important to familiarize yourself with the wide range of resources that are offered at each location. In addition to traditional library services, you will find workshops on software solutions for research, space dedicated just for graduate students, and resources for all aspects of scholarly writing. Each college has a dedicated librarian who is eager to assist you with your projects. Check out all the options here:  http://www.utah.edu/libraries/index.phpLibrary

If you have not secured your U of U ID Card, please take the time to do this activity.  Your institutional ID is critical for many campus activities, such as the borrowing library resources.  Here’s how to acquire your ID:  http://www.ucard.utah.edu/

Another great resource, which complements your home department and college is the Graduate School.  A variety of general services are provided from travel assistance awards for conference presentations to forms that address academic policy to information on assistantships and fellowships.  The Graduate School works collaboratively with your department and college to guide you through your academic program to the point of graduation. You can familiarize yourself with services and activities at this site:  http://gradschool.utah.edu/current-students/

Finally, connect with the campus, college, and department websites, The Daily Chronicle, and various social media platforms for information on campus events and venues that nurture the whole person.  And, don’t forget to check-out the recently opened Student Life Center for a variety of health and wellness activities that address personal fitness needs.  Music, theater, athletics, and stimulating speakers are just a few of the many opportunities that await you during your graduate education at The University of Utah!